From Ethical Aspects of Literature to Literary Historical Studies in an Intercultural Context

Some Research Findings in the Field of Intercultural Literary Studies


  • Adriana Mezeg University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Slovenia
  • Tanja Žigon University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Slovenia
  • Petra Kramberger University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Slovenia



literary studies, ethical literary studies, literary-historical concepts, cultural studies, translation studies


In recent years, we have conducted research in various areas within the framework of the research programme Intercultural Literary Studies (No. P6-0265), especially on ethical aspects in literature, on the role and significance of translation as an intercultural mediation, on the literary-historical aspects of interculturality, and on the didactics of literature and translation. In the second part of this year’s double issue of Acta Neophilologica we present the latest findings of the researchers who make up the Intercultural Literary Studies programme group, and we have also invited colleagues from other programme groups as well as two colleagues from abroad.


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Mezeg, A., Žigon, T., & Kramberger, P. (2023). From Ethical Aspects of Literature to Literary Historical Studies in an Intercultural Context: Some Research Findings in the Field of Intercultural Literary Studies. Acta Neophilologica, 56(1-2), 69–74.



From Ethical Aspects of Literature to Literary Historical Studies in an Intercultural Context