The true voice of a Canadian expatriate: Mavis Gallant, Home truths (1981)


  • Aleksander Kustec



Canadian literature, criticism and interpretation, studies in Canadian literature, contemporary Canadian short story, alienation, expatriatism, Canadian literary canon


Mavis Gallant is a typical contemporary Canadian short story writer, who has strongly contributed to the formation and the proliferation of the contemporary Canadian short story. Her short story collection Home Truths (1981) is a good example of the exploration of time. Gallant has said on several occasions that she is not particularly interested in discovering typical Canadian elements, but she wishes, above all, to convey the truth. She does not get deeply engaged in the psychological development of her characters, but is interested in specific situations, in reconstructing the state of mind and heart, therefore, we find her writing on the edge of imagination and reality. Home Truths is about identity, alienation, and the importance of memory. These issues still are, 30 years after the publication of this collection, a matter of great concern among Canadians at home and abroad.


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31. 12. 2011




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