Submerged Layers of Slovenian Identity in Krissy Kneen’s Writing


  • Igor Maver University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Slovenia



Krissy Kneen, Slovenian-Australian diaspora, Australian literature


The article for the first time ever explores the recent non-fiction and poetry by the contemporary Australian writer Krissy Kneen, who has Slovenian roots through her maternal grandmother. Kneen’s writing, a literary tribute to her late grandmother Dragitca (Dragica Marušič), shows a desire to come to terms with her partly ‘Slovenian’ gut microbiome and DNA, as she herself claims. They, in her view, along with the other elements in the process of identity formation, interestingly importantly help to constitute an ethnic identity and, for that matter, any personal identity. This makes her writing very original within the extant diasporic literary production.


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26. 11. 2020




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