Maurice Barrès and the Icon of Modern Art


  • Boštjan Marko Turk University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Slovenia



El Greco, Maurice Barrès, Toledo, saints, worship of the self, mannerism, uprootedness, orthodoxy, icons, theophany, Pablo Picasso


El Greco’s painting filled Barrès with astonishment and admiration because it responded to the writer’s apprehensions regarding the cult of the strong and the exceptional. It is the quest for the absolute that perfects beings dominated by the only one tendency - to live in exaltation of their selves until they merge with the absolute. For this reason Maurice Barrès was able to grasp the multifunctional genius of the Greek painter and to transmit his message to posterity. Barrès approached the painter from a multilateral perspective: he saw the mannerist traits. These have become an element of modern painting, especially in Pablo Picasso. The blue and pink period would not have been possible without the encounter of El Greco.


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