Technological transformation of the bone at the Eneolithic tell settlement of Vitănești, southern Romania (Gumelnița B1 level)


  • Monica Margarit Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania
  • Katia Moldoveanu National Museum of Romanian History
  • Adrian Bălășescu “Vasile Pârvan” Institute of Archaeology, Romanian Academy, Bucharest
  • Ion Torcică Teleorman County Museum, Alexandria
  • Pavel Mirea Teleorman County Museum, Alexandria



Eneolithic, Gumelnița B1 level, Romania, bone, tools and weapons, technological analysis, functional hypotheses


This paper discusses the technological exploitation of bone at the tell settlement of Vitanesti (southern Romania). A total of 307 artefacts from the Gumelnita B1 level were analysed for this study, which can be assigned to four product and sub-product categories (waste, blanks, preforms, finished pieces). At the level of determined bones, the most numerous are those belonging to large species, both domestic and wild mammals. We also note the use of bones belonging to species rarely found in the Eneolithic bone industry (Bos primigenius, Equus ferus, Canis familiaris) in the Lower Danube. At the typological level, bevelled tools predominate, along with pointed tools and projectile points. A varied range of other typological categories includes spatulas, abraded astragalus, spindle whorls, burins, needles, and figurines, among others. The large quantity of preforms proves that the production of the assemblage was carried out in situ. It is an interesting assemblage which proves that the bone pieces were involved in various activities within the Vitanesti community that lived at the end of the 5th millennium BC, from the processing of hides or vegetable fibres to hunting. This assemblage could serve as a reference for future studies, as there are not many comparable assemblages for the same period in Southern Romania.


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Author Biography

Monica Margarit, Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania

History Deparment

Associate professor




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Margarit, M., Moldoveanu, K., Bălășescu, A., Torcică, I., & Mirea, P. (2023). Technological transformation of the bone at the Eneolithic tell settlement of Vitănești, southern Romania (Gumelnița B1 level). Documenta Praehistorica, 50, 2–35.