Viktor Parma's Golghorn - between opera and music drama


  • Gregor Pompe Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta



Viktor Parma (1858-1924), Slovenian opera, music drama, leitmotif, Goldenhorn


The article concentrates on the analysis of Parma's opera Goldhorn, which occupies an important place in the composer’s oeuvre as well as in the context of the development of the Slovenian opera. Parma set himself the ambitious task of composing a mythological sujet and in terms of its musical realisation tried to come close to the form of a music drama. The analysis of formal patterns and leitmotivic work reveals that the composer came only halfway in his realisation of this task.


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Author Biography

  • Gregor Pompe, Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta
    Gregor POMPE je zaposlen kot asistent na Oddelku za muzikologijo ljubljanske Filozofske fakultete. Leta 2006 je doktoriral iz muzikologije na temo postmodernizma in semantike glasbe. Njegova strokovna pozornost velja sodobni glasbi, operi in vprašanjem semantike. Dejaven pa je tudi kot publicist in skladatelj.


1. 06. 2009




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