'B-Composers' or: How can you become a 'Kleinmeister'?


  • Thomas Hochradner Universität Mozarteum




"Kleinmeister" - term and characteristics, the consideration of a composers' social standings in writings on music history, the careers of Luigi Gatti and Johann Baptist Schiedermayr as representative case studies


Filling gaps between the “Great Composers” so called “Kleinmeister” cause various problems in writing about the history of music. On the one hand one-sided perspectives will be the result as long as the works of “Kleinmeister” are to be discussed with standards of qualities that have been developed with regard to “top compositions”. On the other hand a deficient sighting of sources often complicates the estimation of those composers, who certainly have not reached an outstanding position within the common repertory, however as a foil of contemporary artistic work allow the “great” works of the prominent ones to stand out. Such difficulties in methodical and archival accesses will firstly be considered by examining the Salzburg surroundings of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart and the Linz surroundings of Anton Bruckner. A catalogue of criteria determining a composer’s being treated as a “Kleinmeister” shall arise and make up the basis to discuss significance and liking when speaking about “Kleinmeister” in musicological studies.


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Author Biography

Thomas Hochradner, Universität Mozarteum

Thomas HOCHRADNER, docent za historično muzikologijo, na Univerzi za glasbo Mozarteuma v Salzburgu predava zgodovino glasbe in avstrijsko tradicionalno glasbo. Vodi Inštitut za recepcijo in interpretacijo glasbe. Njegova predavanja in publikacije se večinoma ukvarjajo z glasbo 17. do 20. stoletja, še prav posebej, kar zadeva glasbeno filologijo. Uredil je vrsto knjig, kot npr. »Bach v Salzburgu« in »Sveta noč! Blažena noč! – med nostalgijo in resničnostjo«, različne druge izdaje ter katalog del Johanna Josepha Fuxa, ki je v tisku. Izdal je vrsto razprav in esejev v antologijah in periodičnih glasbenih publikacijah.



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Hochradner, T. (2010). ’B-Composers’ or: How can you become a ’Kleinmeister’?. Musicological Annual, 46(1), 5–19. https://doi.org/10.4312/mz.46.1.5-19