Rossini's Operas in the Ljubljana Theater


  • Jože Sivec



The first performance of Rossini's music in Ljubljana took place at the beginning of January 1820, when the Carl Waidinger company sang the opera »Tancred«. Between this time and the year 1835 at least 16 operas of this master were performed at the Ljubljana Theatre. It is posible that the number was somewhat greater, but because of the lack of sources the repertoire is not entirely known. In any event the repertoire of the above mentioned establishment reveals that neither at this particular period, nor indeed, at any other time before or after, was any other composer presented in Ljubljana as often as Rossini. In the beginning of the 1820's, when German and Italian opera companies were constantly alternating at the Ljubljana Theatre, the latter performed Rossini's operas to a greater extent than the former. When, however, between 1825 and 1841, there were no Italian opera companies in Ljubljana, the German companies were for a long time the only representatives of this master. Thus, after the year 1824 the importance of Rossini in the German programmes increased noticably. Until the year 1835 the German companies still produced a whole series of the master's new works; in some seasons as many as three, four or even five of his operas were performed. After the year 1835, however, Rossini completely lost the dominant position which he had held in the repertoire of the Ljubljana Theatre. In was taken over by Bellini and Donizetti. From that time on, only familiar Rossini operas are performed in Ljubljana, and in most seasons only one of his works is given. Sometimes whole seasons go by without a Rossini opera. Recorded performances of Rossini's operas in the Ljubljana Theatre are as follows: 48 Tancred (First performance January 1820), Othello (November 30, 1820), II barbiere di Seviglia (December 21, 1820), L'inganno felice (March 8, 1821), L'Italiana in Algeri (April 7, 1821), La cenerentola (April 5, 1821), Eduardo e Cristina (May 11, 1821), Le gazza ladra (October 26, 1824), Aureliano in Palmira (December 20, 1825), La donna del lago (March 17, 1826), Elisabetta (February 2, 1830), Le Comté  Ory (December 15, 1830), La Siege de Corinthe (March 15, 1832), Mose in Egitto (March 9, 1833), Guillaume Tell (January 4, 1834) and Semiramide (January 31, 1835).


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1. 12. 1965




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