A Styrian Provincial Trumpeter – Jakob Globočnik


  • Primož Kuret




Among the numerous provincial trumpeters of Styria in Graz one of the most interesting from the point of view of Slovene musical history is Jakob Globočnik, about whom much information is to be found in the Styrian provincial archives in Graz. Jakob Globočnik was of Carniolan origin and studied philosophy in Graz. He attended the Jesuit »Ferdinandeum« and earned his living as a trumpeter. When he concluded his studies he joined the army in the Slavonian Borderland at Križevci, where he remained for six years. After this in 1683 he applied for a post as one of the provincial trumpeters at Graz and received the post in November of the same year. He died on 19. 2. 1702. His sojourn in Graz is recorded in a number of documents of which the most interesting are published in the supplement. These details make the personality of Jakob Globočnik interesting as they demonstrate once more how Slovene musicians sought employment beyond the homeland and were appreciated elsewhere. On the other hand, these sources give us interesting details of the life of provincial trumpeters and kettle-drummers, in those days highly valued professionals.


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1. 12. 1966




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