Reconstruction of the Medieval Sequencer in Central Slovenia


  • Janez Höfler



The sources for the reconstruction of the medieval sequencer in central Slovenia, which have been known up to the present day, come exclusively from Upper Car-niola and the neighbourhood of Ljubljana. The oldest fragments are from the 13th century. The one which is housed in Kamnik is written in a primitive southern German notation. Among the later examples the most important source is the Missale of Kranj from the first half of the 15th century. Though the surviving sources are for the greater part fragmentary it is possible to establish that the influences from Salzburg and Aquilea contributed to the formation of the sequencer of central Slovenia. However, the influences from the north played a stronger part in this development. There are also some peculiarities which point to local connections with Styria, while the origin of a number of sequences is impossible to determine at present.


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