An unknown Autograph of Gallus?


  • Werner Braun



Almost the only work from the large library of the church of St. Wenceslas in Naumburg still extant is a copy of the Auferstehungshistorie of Antonio Scandello. The manuscript, dated 1595, contains both monophonie and polyphonic solo roles; at the end the verses of the entire chorus are also added. This manuscript is signed with a red monogram consisting of the letters J. H. C. and a cross, with a loop at the foot of the shape of a letter G. This monogram could be explained as denoting Jacob Handl Carniolus and as Gallus. This assumption is corroborated by an entry in an accounts book where we find in connection with the payment of 6 golden Rhenish gilders on the date 7th March 1596 the following comment: »Jacobi Händeln, sonst Gallus genannt, vor die anher geschickten Partes«. Apparently the manuscript of the church of St. "Wenceslas is identical with the compositions of the consignment referred to in the accounts book. As Jacob Gallus was already dead in 1591 his brother George sent the manuscript of the Auferstehungshistorie, which was among the belongings of the composer, to the town council of Naumburg. Hoping to obtain more money for it he sent it under the name of his famous brother. The commentary in the Auferstehungshistorie is written in an awkward language, which is completely in accordance with the general opinion that German was not the mother tongue of Gallus. As can be seen from the photographs accompanying this paper, the texts under the music, the annotation of the voices, and the commentary, with the monogram J. H. C. and G. come from the same hand. Probably also the musical notation, the title and the inscriptions for individual singing characters have the same origin. It seems we have a precious document to deal with which might mean an enrichment of the field of Gallus research.


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1. 12. 1968




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