An Example of Primitive Medieval Polyphony from Kranj


  • Janez Höfler



The composition of the first Christmas lection Jube, domne, benedicere, for three voices written in Hufnagelschrift on the first leaf of a breviary from the parish of Kranj (first half of the fifteenth century, now housed in the archbishop's archives in Ljubljana) is still the only known example of Medieval polyphony in Slovenia. According to its stylistic characteristics, it belongs to the sphere of Central European primitive polyphony which in the form of organum and conductus, survived throughout the 15th and even into the beginning of the 16th century. The closest examples of such a polyphony come from the monasteries of St. Lambrecht and Seckau in Styria and from Zagreb cathedral (second half of the 15th century). The Kranj example reveals the essential features of this primitive type of medieval polyphony; yet it also shows some interesting and particular details. Remarkable is its rational construction which has a basic recitative nucleus in a parallel organum and concluding vocalization in the style of the simple conductus (note against note).


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1. 12. 1969




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