Rex Asiae et Ponti. A Work of Homage by Cyprian de Rore


  • Bernhard Meier



The author of the paper succeeded, on the basis of the concept of the letter which was addressed by Cyprian de Rore on the 1st May 1556 in Ferrara to Wolffgano Aurspergio from Carnia, in discovering the addressee of Rore's composition »Rex Asiae et Ponti«. He found out that the Wolffgano Aurspergio of the letter and Wolffang Aurspurg, whose praises are sung in the text of the composition, were one and the same person. Thus the author concluded that Rore could have presented his composition »Rex Asiae et Ponti« to none other than Wolfgang Engelbert I of the aristocratic family Auersperg in Carniola. According to Rore's letter »Rex Asiae et Ponti« is not the only or the first composition presented by the composer to Wolfgang Engelbert I. The work dealt with in the article is also an interesting indication of an early spreading of Venetian music to the areas included in present-day Slovenia.


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Meier, B. (1970). Rex Asiae et Ponti. A Work of Homage by Cyprian de Rore. Musicological Annual, 6(1), 5–11.