A Bibliographic Survey of the Compositions of Slavko Osterc


  • Danilo Pokorn




The author gives a detailed bibliography of the compositions of Slavko Osterc (1895–1941), one of the central personalities in the Slovene music of the 20th century. The artistic legacy of this composer had a curious fate, for it was nearly destroyed only four years after his death. In a raid of American bombers on Ljubljana on the 9th March, 1945, one of the bombs fell on the house in which the composer's relatives lived. His father and mother-in-law were killed, his daughter, who is today a renowned Slovene painter, was injured. By a lucky chance that quarter of the house remained standing where, on the staircase between the first floor and the attic, a case containing the composer's works, stood. So it was possible to reach the case by removing the ruins covering it and then to lower the files of manuscripts by rope to the ground. The composer's works are today for the  most part housed in the music department of the National and University Library in Ljubljana, so that only a small part is in the archives of other institutes or in private hands. Some compositions, among them a number of more important works, are still missing, but it is not certain that they are destroyed and so they will probably be eventually discovered after exhaustive searches. The present bibliography comprises all the compositions of Slavko Osterc which could be found in the material available today. In this bibliography the whereabouts of the compositions is also mentioned.


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1. 12. 1970




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