Thematic Structure in Josip Slavenski's First String Quartet


  • Bojan Bujić



The paper deals with the First String Quartet by the Yugoslav composer Josip Slavenski (1896–1955). When the piece was performed at the Donaueschingen Festival in 1924 it was enthusiastically received by the critics and brought international recognition to its author. Contrary to a tendency, noticeable in some Yugoslav writings on Slavenski, to portray him as an entirely independent mind, the paper points out some of the obvious links that exist between the music of Slavenski and that of his one-time teacher Kodály, and Béla Bartók. The analysis which follows explains the inner unity of the two-movement Quartet by demonstrating the importance of the features of the melodic foreground and harmonic background of the opening theme for the whole subsequent argument of the work.


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1. 12. 1978




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Bujić, B. (1978). Thematic Structure in Josip Slavenski’s First String Quartet. Musicological Annual, 14(1), 73-87.