J. Pavčič's Lieder


  • Manica Špendal




Josip Pavčič began his creative career at the turn of the century, at a time when Slovene composers were doing their best to lay the basis of Slovene musical culture. Together with A. Lajovic and E. Adamič he became one of the most promising contributors to the "Novi akordi" review. Whereas the first two enriched their romanticism with elements of newer stylistic trends, Pavčič remained a romantic throughout. He wrote piano and choral works as well as some excellent lieder. As regards the development of this compositional form, Pavčič's lieder do not represent landmarks of their species; however, regarding their technical and expressive qualities, especially those on texts by O. Župančič (Flowery Dreams, Grandfather Oneleg, Ciciban – Cicifuj) and some others (Spring Has Arrived, The Woman-Harvester), they place Pavčič on an important position in the history of Slovene music. This can be supported by the great popularity of his lieder, a popularity that has continued up to the present. A good pianist, he showed a great sense for the piano part which enriches the vocal line broadening it up to a congruent whole.


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1. 12. 1980




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