Musical Publications of Serbian Authors


  • Roksanda Pejović



Since 1860s – parallel with the growing interest in music – there have been coming up publications dealing with the developments in music in Serbian towns, thus:
1 reports, rules and regulations of singing societies and musical schools;
2 musical textbooks and handbooks for individual instruments;
3 song-books;
4 articles in annual reports of secondary schools, in calendars and in concert programmes;
5 smaller inscriptions of various character in special editions;
6 documents related to the singing societies;
7 monographs of composers and studies of musicological problems;
8 history of music; and
9 collections of musical essays and articles.
Looking back from the present perspective at the role of writers dealing with musical topics – whose names can be encountered in the present editions – and not taking into consideration also works in manuscript forms, ethnomusicological and church editions, we can now realize the great contributions made towards preparing the conditions for the first historical account of Serbian music Razvoj muzičke umetnosti u Srbiji (1962), by Stana Djurić-Klajn, the first handbook Muzički stvaraoci u Srbiji (1969), by Vlastimir Peričić, and monographs of Serbian composers.


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