Leo Funtek – Slovene and Finnish Musician – On the Centenary of His Birth


  • Primož Kuret




The violinist Leo Funtek, son of the Slovene poet and translator Anton Funtek, aroused admiration of musical critics already with his initial performances with the orchestra of the Philharmonic Society in Ljubljana at the time when he was a pupil of Hans Gerstner. During the years 1903–06 Leo Funtek studied at the Musikhochschule in Leipzig, from which he graduated with distinction. Since then his artistic carrer took him abroad. Already before the first War he was a successful musician in Finnland; when this country was reached by the turmoil of revolution, he went for a few years to Sweden, where he was a leading member of the orchestra of the Royal Opera House in Stockholm. In 1919 he returned to Helsinki and became there one of the most outstanding musical personalities. Until 1939 he was teaching at the musical conservatory, and subsequently at the Sibelius Musical Academy. Additionally, from 1925 to 1959 he was the chief conductor of the Finnish National Opera House. As concert conductor he was particularly renowned as interpreter of Bruckner.


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1. 12. 1985




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