Josip Slavenski as Perceived in Writings by Slavko Osterc


  • Katarina Bedina



The present paper aims at clarifying the reasons for Osterc's more than friendly disposition to Josip Slavenski, in view of the fact that this was not a case of reciprocal support between the two composers. Osterc's candid and persuasive reports of the vigour manifested in Slavenski as a composer (calling him "the general" of  "our ranks" who " opened the door to the world for us") implicitly reveal various details which point to a courageous, yet thorny path to musical success in Yugoslavia between the two world wars, with ordinary ups and downs. In this way, Osterc and Slavenski are shown to stand as two pillars of the musical scene then, both originating from the influential innovative school of Hába's, yet at the same time reflecting two different, independent and unique personalities who developed - in spite of their cognate views on composition - two different conceptions on behalf of "our" and "their own personal cause".


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1. 12. 1986




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