Bibliography of Scientific and Journalistic Works of the Academician Dragotin Cvetko


  • Jože Sivec



Dragotin Cvetko is noted foremost as the doyen of Slovene musicology. All bibliographies drawn upon his works confine themselves to either his most significant works or selections of his works. This bibliography is the first serious attempt at combining ail of his works into as complete a list as possible. The presentation of his works in this bibliography follows a chronological pattern that traces not only his professional development but that of Slovene musicology as well, as it is widely viewed that Dragotin Cvetko paved the way for its growth. This bibliography comprises all his published books, individual publications and studies published in many different collections, professional journals and papers. Wherever possible, various references are quoted showing the wide response many of his works received.
The entire bibliographical material is divided into five major sections which include:
I books and other individual publications,
II publications he edited,
III studies, essays, articles,
IV articles in encyclopedias,
V concert and opera reviews, reviews of compositions and musicological studies, reports and different articles in papers, and commentaries to gramophone records.
For books the following bibliographical data are given: title, place of publication, publisher, year of publication and number of pages, and for studies and articles: title of the collection of papers or of the journal or paper, place of publication (except for non-Slovene places of publication), year, number and page(s) (except for articles in daily papers).


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1. 12. 1991




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