Viktor Parma - Points of Departure for Research


  • Darja Frelih



The Slovene composer Viktor Parma (1858-1924) awakens interest through his comparatively large opus (5 operas, 4 operettas, a series of instrumental and of vocal-instrumental compositions), through the relatively great number of productions of his works and their popularity from the time of their origin up to the World War II, as well as through the relatively moderate attention currently paid to his contribution to the Slovene music on the present-day Slovene cultural scene. With the exception of the diploma work of Cvetana Mihelič, Viktor Parma, His Life and Personality (1967) (in Slovene) - the typescript is kept in the Department of Musicology at the Faculty of Arts, this author has not as yet received a more detailed treatment and corresponding presentation in the printed word. The material collected and presented here could serve as the basis for a monograph as it contains: (a) biography, including the bibliography of articles, (b) a list of V. Parma's works, (c) a chronological survey of the productions of operas and operettas, including the bibliography of articles, and (d) a list of recordings of V. Parma's compositions. An analytic comparative study of the composer's opus remains one of the musicological tasks for the future.


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