Palestrina's Presence among Slovenes


  • Edo Škulj



The present contribution lists all the cases in which Palestrina comes up before the Slovene man either in compositions or in various articles, treatises, books or even in a dissertation. The musical collection of the National and University Library keeps a valuable specimen of the Second Book of Palestrina's Masses. The manuscript department of the same Library keeps six choral books which had at the beginning of the 16th century come here from Gornji grad. The first among these books contains Palestrina's 5-part composition "Missa L'homme arme". From the same period stems also the manuscript book containing Palestrina's 5-part compositions, specifically: "Ave Maria a cinque" and "Salve Regina a cinque". The choral archives of the Ljubljana cathedral keep the very precious "Inventarium librorum musicalium" from the year 1620. Towards the end of the 317 items contained in the list stands the inscription: "Lamentationes Petri Aloisii a cinque". In 1926, on the occasion of the quartocentenary of the composer's birth, were written two most important contributions towards the appreciation of the composer's creativity. The first is the treatise "Janez Pierluigi from Palestrina", written by Josip Mantuani. The treatise was published in six continuations in the years 1926 and 1927, while in 1926 it was published as a separate offprint. The second contribution is the Ph.D. thesis "Die mehrstimmige Behandlung der Kirchentöne bei Palestrina", submitted by Anton Dolinar to the University of Vienna and on June 24, 1927, successfully defended.


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1. 12. 1994




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