Publicistic and Critical Style of Pavle Šivic in Musical Youth (1974-1995)


  • Urša Šivic



Pavel Šivic emerged as a publicist in a period when in Slovenia all forms of musical life were already in progress. Still, in addition to his activity as a composer, a musical teacher, and a concert performer, he was one of the few who in the inter-war and post-war periods in terms both of quality and output deserved credit also as a musical journalist. The present contribution deals only with apart of his publishing opus; it is concerned with his two decades long co-operation (1975-1995) at Glasbena mladina (Musical Youth) and is focused on establishing the main features of Šivic's style as a publicist and at the same time identifies his aesthetic and artistic views. Despite the broad the matic palette the greatest expressiveness is achieved through his attitude towards contemporary trends in music and his aesthetic aspect. Šivic thus clearly stands out as a widely reflecting and critical personality, with a rational discernment of the aesthetic values in music, but primarily led by sense of intuition. The influence of Šivic's contemporary orientation in his compositional work is reflected also in his work as a publicist; in this would-be contemporary endeavours he has been so ardent that this has infrequently even overshadowed a necessary degree of objective evaluation. Despite his true many-sidedness he has invariably remained an advocate of what is contemporary - be it in Slovenian or in world music - and an aesthete, either as regards music from the past or music of completely extreme orientations.


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1. 12. 1998




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