Cataloguing for RISM in Slovenia


  • Darja Frelih



musicology, catalogues, musical manuscripts, Slovene music


Since 1993 Slovenia has been taking an active part in the international project of RISM (Répertoire International des Sources Musicales = International Inventory of Musical Sources), with the Series A/II (Music Manuscripts after l600). In that year the RISM national group for Slovenia was founded in the Institute of Musicology at ZRC SAZU in Ljubljana and the PIKaDo computer programme installed, by the aid of which the cooperation with the Central editorial offices in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, pro-ceded. The results are issued every year on a RISM CD-ROM in the form of a thematic catalogue of old music manuscripts from all over the world (data from about 30 countries). Gradually it will replace our conventional card catalogue that now contains about 1300 units of musical manuscript material, collected in the past years by Institute collaborators in various Slovene archives. The completion of this work is being carried out by incorporation into RISM. To ensure utmost precision of the RISM-catalogu-ing the Institute professionals borrow the original manuscripts from Slovene musical archives (three up to now). Such a metod offers also an opportunity to scan this temporarily available material. Musical manuscripts are thus preserved at a second location and available for further musicological research. Since 1998 full time post for the RISM-cataloguing work has been established at the Institute. Till then, 306 computer records had been made and in the last years further 666. The author of this article concentrates on some aspects of cataloguing for RISM, e.g. on quotations in the categories of scoring, scoring block and statement of material, on research possibilites, of information exchange about less known  manuscript composers, and on the timing and/or efficiency improvement of the work involving the RISM project.


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