All »Slovene Turtledove« (Slovenske Gerlice)


  • Edo Škulj



Slovene Turtledove, Turtledove, Turtledove Review


The subject under discussion deals with four music collections with similar titles: Slovene Turtledove (Slovenska gerlica), (Fleišman's) Turtledove (Gerlica), (Kumar's) Turtledove (Grlica) and the Turtledove Review (Grlica). Hence the rather complicated heading of the article. - The Slovene Turtledove was published in seven volumes (1848, 1848, 1850, 1852, 1859, 1859, 1862). The third was edited by Gregor Rihar, and so were presumably the other six volumes. The fifth and the sixth represent a whole under the title: A Wreath of Slovene Poems by Dr. Fr. Prešeren. Tunes by Kamilo Mašek (Venec slovenskih pesem dr. Fr. Prešern-a. Napevi od Kamillo Mašek-a). The seventh volume was edited by Jurij Fleišman. - After having issued the seventh, i.e. last volume of the Slovene Turtledove, in 1864 Jurij Fleišman published a second edition in three volumes under the title Turtledove, in which he made a selection of melodies from the former collection. Fleišman does not seem to have intended to publish the entire song-book, choosing only the »hits« from the Slovene Turtledove, and issuing them as Turtledove. Apart from that, the third volume also contains songs from the first and second volume. - In Zagreb, towards the end of 1933, Srečko Kumar began editing and publishing a Periodical collection of youth music (Revijalna zbirka omladinske muzike), titled Turtledove. - In 1953, another Turtledove began to appear, this time with the subtitle Magazine for choral youth music, issued by the Work team of the Ljubljana secondary school music teachers, and published by Mladinska knjiga. In its ninth year of publication it was converted into a periodical for music education, with Pavle Kalan as editor. The changes were explained in an editorial under the heading Turtledove facing new tasks, and signed by the editorial and administrative boards. The musical supplements hardly altered in contrast to the changes in the textual sections. Nevertheless, in 1988, after 35 years since its founding, Turtledove, having reached its 28th volume, ceased to be published for good.


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1. 12. 2005




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