Gregorian Chant in Medieval Manuscripts in the Slovenian Lands


  • Ivan Florjanc Academy for Music, University of Ljubljana



Jurij Snoj, Gregorian Chant in Medieval Manuscripts in the Slovenian Lands


As an astute researcher of the musical heritage in medieval codices, the Slovenian musicologist Jurij Snoj condensed in one book his life’s work, which he pursued both professionally (as well as privately) at the Institute for Musicology of the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Ljubljana, between 1980 and 2018. Eight years after commencing his research, in 1988, he received his doctorate in the field of Gregorian chant with a discussion of partially preserved medieval codices in Ljubljana. He remained faithful to this field of expertise until today, but has deepened his knowledge consistently through codicological analyses of sources within the Slovenian national and cultural space, yet simultaneously looking for answers and connections to the musical traditions of neighbouring countries, especially those of Italian and Germanic origin. It is of no small importance that the author has been attending the symposia of the group Cantus Planus for more than twenty years: a study group of the International Musicological Society that concentrates on specialist questions about medieval Latin monody.


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