About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Natura Sloveniae publishes original papers based on fieldwork from the sphere of biology and/or contributes to the knowledge of the natural history of Central and Southeast Europe. Papers may be submitted as Scientific Papers, Short Communications or Field Notes.

Natura Sloveniae was founded in 1999 on the initiative of a group of mentors working within the framework of the Biology Student Research Camps, their prime objective being to encourage the student to publish direct results of their biological fieldwork. The journal has successfully filled the gap in scientific literature from the sphere of biodiversity in Slovenia and has in no less than few years become a central Slovene medium for up-to-date reports on new discoveries from the fields of floristics, faunistics and ecology. Apart from a fairly high level of the published contributions, secured by the journal with its international editorial board and expert referees, the editorial board also stimulates less experienced article writers to take part, especially students who by publishing the results of their biology field research are yet to gain experience as far as writing scientific papers is concerned.


In 1999–2011, the journal was published by Zveza za tehnično kulturo Slovenije. Since 2012 the journal is jointly published by University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty in National Institute of Biology.


Cofinancing of the journal

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