First record of Opilo germanus Chevrolat, 1843 (Coleoptera: Cleridae) from Italy with remarks on its distribution in Europe


  • Erik Tihelka The Prague British School, K Lesu 558/2, Prague 4, 142 00



biogeography, distribution, Cleridae, Italy, Opilo germanus


The checkered beetle Opilo germanus Chevrolat, 1843 is reported from Italy for the first time. The species is extremely rare in Europe and its biology is not well known. In the past, single specimens have been collected only at a few localities throughout the continent. The classification of O. germanus is complicated, since some authors consider it synonymous to O. abeillei, O. domesticus, O. pallidus or O. mollis. Localities where O. germanus was collected in Europe are listed and its distribution range is compared to the abovementioned species. The distribution range of O. germanus is not identical to neither of the species, suggesting distinct ecological preferences. Further faunistic data may help resolve the complicated taxonomy of the genus Opilo.


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Tihelka, E. (2016). First record of Opilo germanus Chevrolat, 1843 (Coleoptera: Cleridae) from Italy with remarks on its distribution in Europe. Natura Sloveniae, 18(2), 63-68.

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