Glossiphonia slovaca (Košel 1973) (Hirudinea: Glossiphoniidae) from the Sava river at Čatež: a leech new to Slovenia, and the question of its taxonomic identity


  • Peter Trontelj Oddelek za biologijo BF, Univerza v Ljubljani, P.P. 2995, SI-1001 Ljubljana



Hirudinea, Glossiphonia, Batracobdella, Sava, hydroelectric power plants


In 1995, a leech taxon new to Slovenia was found in the Sava river at Čatež. It displays the characteristics of the species Glossiphonia slovaca (Košel 1973). The taxonomy of this species and its sister taxon G. paludosa (Carena 1824) has been controversial. The latter name has been used for two remotely related species, whereas the differentiation between the sister taxa has not been sufficiently elaborated. However, molecular and biogeographic differences between the two sister taxa seem to justify their status as distinct species. The Sava river at Čatež is inhabited by at least seven leech species, some of which are very scarce in Slovenia. The site is threatened by damming of the river for hydroelectric power plants.


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Trontelj, P. (2000). Glossiphonia slovaca (Košel 1973) (Hirudinea: Glossiphoniidae) from the Sava river at Čatež: a leech new to Slovenia, and the question of its taxonomic identity. Natura Sloveniae, 2(2), 21-27.

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