The Biased Gaze of a Neutral Journalist

Juan Pujol in the Austro-Italian Frontline (1915)


  • Jorge Canals Piñas University of Trento, Italy



journalism, Great War, propaganda, stereotypes, metaphor


In the period between January and September 1915, Spanish journalist Juan Pujol (1883-1967) reported from the most active European frontlines and sent his reports and stories to the newspaper ABC (Madrid). This journalistic material makes for a corpus consisting of 61 texts that, in the following years, were collected in three volumes by its own author. As idealized self-depiction and degraded depiction of the Other is a consequence of war rhetoric, we shall take into account articles produced on the Austro-Italian frontlines in order to analyse the reinforcement of stereotypes related to Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops and citizens. This will confirm Pujol’s biased reporting in favour of the Central Powers. Recourse to metaphors and images is linked with the perception of the enemy’s image and it is in this regard that we analyse its use when describing military operations in the course of the Battle of Gorizia in July 1915.


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