Temporal demarcations of the verb “durar”: a valencial-combinatorial analysis


  • Celia Berná Sicilia




verbal valence, time, durar, corpus linguistic


Time is one of the elements of the verbal predicate which has attracted less interest in reflections on language and grammar, because it was usually categorized as a marginal component within the clause. This paper aims at showing an overview of the mechanisms of temporal delimitations in the Spanish verb durar, establishing what the status of this kind of complement is in terms of argument structure, the marking of specific syntactic functions and the specific forms adopted by them in the actual use. Based on a valency perspective and corpus linguistic methods, our study reconsiders the role played by temporal components in predicate constructions of durar using frequency and co-occurrence data provided by the Spanish corpus created by Mark Davies. The analysis of the temporal complements of durar evidences that time is an essential constituent of their meaning and must be considered as an integral feature of their verbal valence, despite being an element that takes different representational forms in discourse. Viewing the phenomenon of verbal temporal demarcations from this point of view allows us to check how time is conceptualized in Spanish in actual usage, to overcome the concept of temporal specifications as marginal elements of the verbal predication and to open new angles on linguistic research in Spanish Automatic Translation or Spanish Second Language Acquisition.


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Author Biography

Celia Berná Sicilia

Celia Berná Sicilia es doctora europea en Filología Hispánica por la Universidad de Murcia y licenciada en Periodismo. Sus ámbitos de interés investigador se centran, además del estudio de las interacciones entre léxico, sintaxis y semántica, en el análisis de los factores que inciden en la comunicación en distintos tipos de discurso. Ha desarrollado su actividad docente e investigadora en distintos centros universitarios nacionales e internacionales, como la Universidad de La Sorbona (París IV), la Universidad de Zúrich, la Universidad de Leipzig y la Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (UDIMA).
Actualmente, es profesora en la Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia en las titulaciones de Turismo, Comunicación y Educación Infantil y Primaria.



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Berná Sicilia, C. (2012). Temporal demarcations of the verb “durar”: a valencial-combinatorial analysis. Verba Hispanica, 20(1), 13–31. https://doi.org/10.4312/vh.20.1.13-31