Time and times in the work of Saint Teresa of Avila: a narratological approach


  • Tomaž Šmid




narrative time, narratological analysis, discourse time, Saint Teresa of Avila


Time as a narrative category arises from the temporary status of any narrative by which the narrative language is oriented towards processes that are based on temporality. Time thus becomes one of the fundamental aspects of any narrative. Although the style of Teresa’s texts is characterised by the tone of oral conversation, this does not exclude her concern with the form and organisation of her writings. Our main concern is time from two different perspectives; on the one hand, as a component of the story and on the other, as its manifestation on the level of discourse. First, we analyse the relationships and the discrepancies in the works of St. Teresa of Avila between the discourse time and the story time, using three parameters: order, duration and frequency (Genette, 1972). Secondly, we examine different kinds of narration in the works of Saint Teresa to establish whether the majority of them are subsequent (ulterior), prior (anterior), simultaneous or interpolated (intercalated). Contrasting story time and discourse time in the works of Saint Teresa, we note the agility of her literary style and her ability to organize narrative syntax.


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Author Biography

  • Tomaž Šmid

    Tomaž Šmid estudió lengua y literatura española y alemana en la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de Ljubljana, donde en 2008 finalizó el máster con la tesis Simbolismo del Castillo Interior de Santa Teresa de Jesús. Se dedica a investigar la producción literaria de Santa Teresa de Jesús, y más en concreto las imágenes literarias, el simbolismo místico y el análisis
    narratológico. Actualmente está realizando los estudios de doctorado en la Universidad de Ljubljana y es profesor de español en el Instituto Ledina de Ljubljana.



31. 12. 2012




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Šmid, T. (2012). Time and times in the work of Saint Teresa of Avila: a narratological approach. Verba Hispanica, 20(2), 371-386. https://doi.org/10.4312/vh.20.2.371-386