Time in the mythical Cities of Latin American Literature: Macondo, Comala and Santa María


  • Ksenija Vulović




mythical city, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Pedro Paramo, The Shipyard, cyclic time, static time, fragmentary time


In the paper we address the issue of time in mythical cities in the works One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez, Juan Rulfo’s Pedro Paramo and The Shipyard by Juan Carlos Onetti. First, we try to give a definition of the notion of the mythical city and the specific nature of its time. Then we investigate the following issues: relations between different presentations of the time (linear, cyclic, static), the repetition of events, the elements of its ahistoricity, the elimination of differences between past, present and future and the analogy with the concept of eternity in myth, the ambiguity between death and life that is based on the mythical concept of death and the fragmentation of time. In García Márquez’s Macondo, linear time of Melquiades’s room intertwine with cyclic time of the fiction. In Juan Rulfo’s Comala, the boundaries between life and death are erased and there is a common time for all. In Onetti’s Santa María, the fragmentary nature of time influences its perception and the fact that there are two alternate endings to the novel attests to the ahistoricity of time.


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Author Biography

Ksenija Vulović

Ksenija Vulović terminó sus estudios de licenciatura en el Departamento de Estudios Ibéricos de la Facultad de Filología de la Universidad de Belgrado en 2010. Defendió su tesis de máster en el campo de la literatura latinoamericana en la misma Universidad en 2011, donde está realizando estudios de doctorado (módulo de Literatura) y trabaja como asistente de literatura
hispanoamericana. Sus principales campos de interés son la literatura y la cultura hispanoamericanas, la teoría literaria contemporánea, la crítica literaria y la teoría y la práctica de la traducción. 



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Vulović, K. (2012). Time in the mythical Cities of Latin American Literature: Macondo, Comala and Santa María. Verba Hispanica, 20(2), 387–399. https://doi.org/10.4312/vh.20.2.387-399