Between Cervantes and Borges: Góngora and Darío, renovators of the poetic language


  • Laura Repovš



Spanish poetry, Luis de Góngora, Rubén Darío, renovation of the poetic language


Between Cervantes and Borges – important narrators but also poets – two profound renewals of Spanish poetic language took place: one by Luis de Góngora and the other by Ruben Darío. The first one occurred in the Iberian Peninsula and the other in America. Both represent, along with Garcilaso’s revolution in the Renaissance, the most significant transformations of the Spanish poetic language. Our intention is to show, discussing one poem by Góngora and one by Darío, the essential contribution of these authors to the evolution of poetic expression in the Castilian language, as well as to emphasize the need to consider Hispanic poetry written on both sides of the Atlantic as a vast unity of meaning. We conclude that the poetic work of both poets has decidedly marked poetic sensibilities in Spanish and has had a great influence on in the Spanish speaking world on both sides of the Atlantic. One can also understand better in the light of these poets’ contributions the qualities of Spanish poetic language in the post-Borges era.


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Author Biography

  • Laura Repovš

    Laura Repovš (Ljubljana, 1991) es traductora y poeta. Ha hecho estudios de Literatura Comparada y Lengua y Literatura Españolas en la Universidad de Ljubljana. Actualmente trabaja en una amplia muestra de poesía eslovena contemporánea traducida al español. Forma parte del Taller de Traducción Literaria de la Universidad de La Laguna, para cuyo Boletín coordinó un número monográfico sobre poesía eslovena del siglo XX.



8. 12. 2017




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Repovš, L. (2017). Between Cervantes and Borges: Góngora and Darío, renovators of the poetic language. Verba Hispanica, 25(1), 269-284.

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