Idioms and Proverbs in Official Documents of the Slovene School System


  • Brigita Kacjan Filozofska fakulteta Univerze v Mariboru
  • Saša Jazbec Filozofska fakulteta Univerze v Mariboru



idiom, syllabus, catalogue of knowledge, Slovene, German as foreign language


The paper deals with an interesting and important, but hitherto neglected phenomenon, the presence of idioms and proverbs in the Slovenian curricula and/or knowledge catalogues. These are official national documents and at the macro level they set out a framework for language teaching and idioms and proverbs are constituent parts of them, as they are natural, multiword, frequent, stable linguistic units with idiomatic characteristics. They represent a significant part of everyday language and it would be expected that they will be accordingly represented in curriculum/knowledge catalogues for the language subjects in the entire vertical of the Slovenian school system. In the empirical part, where excerpts from a total of 11 curriculum/knowledge catalogs are cited, it is shown that idioms and proverbs occur in only a very modest size, unsystematically and sporadically, that the related terminology is not uniform and that the methodological guidelines are often only indicated. This presentation is rounded up in the conclusion, where possibilities to improve the unsatisfying state concerning idioms and proverbs are presented.


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Kacjan, B., & Jazbec, S. (2012). Idioms and Proverbs in Official Documents of the Slovene School System. Journal for Foreign Languages, 4(1-2), 83–101.



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