Connecting second language learning and nonlinguistic subjects mission impossible?


  • Andreja Retelj, Karmen Pižorn Gimnazija Novo mesto, Pedagoška fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani



Content based language learning, intersubject connections, CLIL


Content based language learning as a second language learning approach that has spread in Europe and in several countries became a part of the national curriculum, has in Slovenia not yet been formally established and is present only in the form of pilot projects.

It includes a set of different teaching approaches and methods which combine two objec tives: focus on language and focus on content. Such ways of second language learning not only increase the student's language skills, but also affect his cognitive development. Given the added value that these approaches provide to the student, from practical use of second language to familiarizing with language diversity through all his schooling, we should find solutions for its implementation in Slovenian school system.


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