Teachers's role in pupil's learning achievement: an example of French as third foregin language


  • Darja Premrl, Karmen Pižorn Gimnazija Piran, Pedagoška fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani




success in learning, motivation, feedback, evaluation, testing


Pupils' success in learning depends on many inner and outer factors, among which are those on which teachers and parents have a very important inf luence. The dilemma therefore is whether the teacher knows how to improve the pupils's work. In the first part of this article we laid out several possibilities available to the teacher from the current practice which have a positive inf luence on pupil's development, on his/her attitude to wards school work and on his/her success in learning. In the second part we presented the survey analysis that was carried out at the end of the school year among French language learners. The findings of this research can help the teacher improve different approaches in the classroom (leading the students, cooperation with parents, comunication with pu pils, the structure and the level of difficulty of the exercices, offering the appropriate feed back, evaluation and assessement) with a view to increase internal motivation for learning French.


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Karmen Pižorn, D. P. (2010). Teachers’s role in pupil’s learning achievement: an example of French as third foregin language. Journal for Foreign Languages, 2(1-2), 159–173. https://doi.org/10.4312/vestnik.2.159-173



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