The Methodology of Investigation of Intercultural Rhetoric applied to SFL


  • David Heredero Zorzo Zavod OUTJ



methods of investigation, intercultural rhetoric, SFL, tertium comparationis, etnographic investigation


Intercultural rhetoric is a discipline which studies written discourse among individuals from different cultures. It is a very strong field in the Anglo-Saxon scientific world, especially referring to English as a second language, but in Spanish as a foreign language it is not as prominent. Intercultural rhetoric has provided applied linguistics with important methods of investigation, thus applying this to SFL could introduce interesting new perspectives on the subject. In this paper, we present the methodology of investigation of intercultural rhetoric, which is based on the use of different types of corpora for analysing genders, and follows the precepts of tertium comparationis. In addition, it uses techniques of ethnographic investigation. The purpose of this paper is to show the applications of this methodology to SFL and to outline future investigations in the same field.


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Heredero Zorzo, D. (2016). The Methodology of Investigation of Intercultural Rhetoric applied to SFL. Journal for Foreign Languages, 8(1), 189–202.



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