Myths about second language learning


  • Gabrijela Petra Nagode
  • Karmen Pižorn Pedagoška fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani



second/foreign language, myths about second language learning, early start, transfer, learning vocabulary through reading, error correction


There exist several myths about second/foreign language learning. Many of them might have been »fossilised« by second/foreign language users. The article highlights a selection of four myths on second/foreign language learning. Myth 1 is that the sooner one starts to learn a second/foreign language, the better they will learn it. Myth 2 is that transfer from L1 is the major source of errors in a second/foreign language. Myth 3 is that the teacher should correct errors as soon as they appear to prevent the student from remembering them. Myth 4 is that the best way to learn new vocabulary is through reading. Finally we conclude that myths on second/foreign language acquisition are complex, which is true for the myths presented in this paper, too. The least plausible seems to be myth 3 about the urgency of immediate correction of errors. Myths 1, 2 and 4 seem to be true, although with certain limitations.


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Nagode, G. P., & Pižorn, K. (2016). Myths about second language learning. Journal for Foreign Languages, 8(1), 203–215.



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