Communication of Slovenian Tourism Workers with Italian guests


  • Silva Gomzi Praprotnik Višja strokovna šola za gostinstvo in turizem Bled



gastronomy, tourism, language, training, customer satisfaction


For an Italian guest, getting to know Slovenia as a tourist destination is inevitably connected with getting to know the Slovenian cuisine. Italians are a nation eagerly developing the culture of food, and therefore the gastronomic offer in a certain environment and at a certain time is for them often the basis for a comprehensive perception of the said destination. A good offer, a suitable marketing and an attractive presentation of typical Slovenian dishes play an important role in getting to know natural and cultural heritage as they can widen the knowledge about people and places, eliminate prejudice and strengthen intercultural cooperation. Kind and professional staff, knowledge of the language, civilisation, cultural habits, and differences may be the factors contributing to the assertion of local products and services, and to educating the users of restaurant and tourism services.


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Gomzi Praprotnik, S. (2016). Communication of Slovenian Tourism Workers with Italian guests. Journal for Foreign Languages, 8(1), 251–258.



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