Language Anxiety in Classes of French as a Foreign Language in Slovenia


  • Luka Pavlin Osnovna šola Miren



foreign language, language anxiety, French as a foreign language, Slovenia, oral production, language skills


Language anxiety is one of the most influential psychological factors in the learning process of FLs. A better understanding of this phenomenon, which varies with age and level of knowledge, would be extremely important for a more personalised and effective learning process. Having analysed 152 questionnaires and having conducted four interviews with teachers of French as a FL, I tried to determine the main causes of language anxiety and which age groups it affects the most. The results are clear: language anxiety is widespread in classes of French as a FL in Slovenia. Additionally, 4th-year students of grammar school and undergraduate students are most affected. These conclusions should be the starting point for helping the affected learners to try and make the language learning process a thoroughly enjoyable activity.


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Pavlin, L. (2017). Language Anxiety in Classes of French as a Foreign Language in Slovenia. Journal for Foreign Languages, 9(1), 219–234.



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