Application of fluorescence spectroscopy as a field method in the determination of varietal differences after tomato harvesting


  • Veselina MASHEVA Department of Plant Genetic Resources, Institute of Plant Genetic Resources “Konstantin Malkov” – Sadovo, Agricultural Academy Bulgaria, Sadovo
  • Vanya SLAVOVA Department of Plant Breeding, Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute, Agricultural Academy Bulgaria, Plovdiv



tomato fruits, uncontrolled conditions, field method, fluorescence spectroscopy


The study’s purpose is to establish the application based on fluorescence spectroscopy as a field method in the determination of varietal differences after tomato harvesting. The tomato fruits will be compared to determine the spectral distribution due to the varietal differences of a particular genotype. This will allow the approach to be practiced non-invasively in the quality control of tomato production in unspecified rooms and outdoors.
The experimental studies have been conducted locally at the Institute of Plant Genetic Resources “K. Malkov” - Sadovo for three varieties.
The spectral installation for the generation of emission fluorescence spectra is mobile. In its adjustment (optical adjustment), a system engineering approach based on the classical principles of modern optoelectronics was applied. The results of the experiment can be used to optimize the time for the analysis of the varietal difference of tomato genotypes after harvesting, under uncontrolled conditions. This will support the process of determining the belonging of a specific аccession to a given variety (even for аccessions of unknown origin) when it is necessary to qualify a score of samples in a short time.


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13. 12. 2023



Original Scientific Article

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MASHEVA, V., & SLAVOVA, V. (2023). Application of fluorescence spectroscopy as a field method in the determination of varietal differences after tomato harvesting. Acta Agriculturae Slovenica, 119(4), 1–5.

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