Monilinia pathogens of cultivated and native Vaccinium species in Slovenia


  • Alenka MUNDA Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, Hacquetova 17, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia



Monilinia baccarum, Monilinia urnula, Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi, Disjunctoriae, Vaccinium, Slovenia


The fungal genus Monilinia comprises several aggressive and economically important plant pathogens. The aim of this study was to examine Monilinia species that belong to the Disjunctoriae group and are specifically pathogenic to Vaccinium hosts. 23 samples of Vaccinium hosts showing symptoms of infection with Monilinia sp. were collected in the years 2004 – 2009. Monilinia species were isolated and identified using morphological and molecular methods. Three species from the Disjunctoriae group were identified: M. baccarumM. urnula and M. vaccinii-corymbosi. Morphology of the encountered species is briefly described. Their distribution and host range are presented and the diseases they cause on their respective hosts are described.



8. 06. 2011



Original Scientific Article

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MUNDA, A. (2011). Monilinia pathogens of cultivated and native Vaccinium species in Slovenia. Acta Agriculturae Slovenica, 97(2), 99–104.

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