Colicins of the Escherichia coli uropathogenic strain collection


  • Marjanca Starčič Ejravec
  • Matija Rijavec
  • Darja Žagur-Bertok



colicin, uropathogenic Escherichia coli, UPEC, plasmid, haemolysin, hly, cytotoxic necrotising factor, cnf, invasin, ibeA


110 uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) strains were screened for colicin production and 42 (38%) of the tested UPEC strains were found to be colicinogenic. The ColA, ColB, ColD, ColE2, ColE3, ColE4, ColE5, ColE6, ColE7, ColIa, ColIb, ColK, ColN, MccB17, ColS4, MccC7 and ColE6-J colicin producer strains from Pugsley’s collection of colicinogenic strains were lysed by all colicinogenic UPEC strains, the ColM and ColE1 producer strains by 93% of the UPEC colicinogenic strains and the ColV producer strain by only 81% of the UPC colicinogenic strains. 67% of the colicinogenic UPEC strains were able to lyse all 20 used coli- cin producer strains and 33% of the colicinogenic UPEC strains were able to lyse 19 Pugsley’s strains. Hence, a majority (67%) of the studied UPEC strains encode and produce either more than one colicin, or a colicin not tested. Colicins of UPEC strains producing only one colicin were identified; 8 strains(19% of the colicinogenic strains) produced only ColV, 3 strains (7%) ColM and 3 strains (7%) ColE1. Plasmids were found in 88% of the colicinogenic strains. 11 DL strains were found to harbour conjugative plasmids encoding antibiotic resistance(s) and colicinogenicity. Further, 19% of the haemolytic UPEC strains and 44% of non-haemolytic strains were also colicinogenic, 28% of the cnf encoding strains and 41% of the strains not encoding cnf were colicinogenic, while 40% of ibeA encoding strains and 38% of strains not encoding ibeA were colicinogenic.


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Starčič Ejravec, M., Rijavec, M., & Žagur-Bertok, D. (2006). Colicins of the Escherichia coli uropathogenic strain collection. Acta Biologica Slovenica, 49(2), 13-21.

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