UV-B radiation screen and respiratory potential in phytoplankton in mountain lakes


  • Mateja Germ National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia




mountain lakes, UV-B radiation, chlorophyll a, UV absorbing compounds, ETS activity, nutrient status


UV-B radiation screen and the respiratory potential (terminal elec­ tron transport system - ETS activity) were investigated in phytoplankton from five mountain lakes located on an elevation gradient from 1383 m to 2150 m a.s.l.. The amount of UV absorbing compounds inphytoplankton was generally higher on the lakes from higher elevation. The increased ETS activity of phytoplankton in high­ er lakes wassuggested to reflect the energetic cost of generating the internal mech­ anisms for photoprotection.


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Germ, M. (2004). UV-B radiation screen and respiratory potential in phytoplankton in mountain lakes. Acta Biologica Slovenica, 47(2), 57-64. https://doi.org/10.14720/abs.47.2.16874

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