Pollen grain bioassay for environmental contamination biomonitoring


  • Jasna Paradiž National Institute of Biology Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenija
  • Milan Lovka National Institute of Biology Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenija




naturally growing bioindicator plants, traffic contaminants, pollen grain deformation


Pollen grain bioassay near some highways was performed in 45 plant species for identification of environmental genotoxic impact on naturally growing plants due to environmental traffic contaminants. A relationship between the duration of heavy traffic on particular road sections and the degree of develop­ mental and morphological changes of pollen grains was indicated. Increased fre­ quency of pollen deformation after more than 20 years of traffic influence was established, indicating the applicability of pollen grain bioassay for genotoxic risk assessment of chronic low level contamination impact in natural habitats.


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Paradiž, J., & Lovka, M. (2004). Pollen grain bioassay for environmental contamination biomonitoring. Acta Biologica Slovenica, 47(2), 75-81. https://doi.org/10.14720/abs.47.2.16909

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