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With the year winding down, when people tend to reflect on their accomplishments in the past months, we dare offer miscellaneous to boast the broadness that ALA has been gaining. This number of the ALA journal thus includes different views on a language, a variety of different methodologies used and languages discussed, as well as several applicable fields the research outcomes take us to.

LI Wenchao in her work "Adjective Distribution in Modern Mongolian" investigates a scalar structure of adjective distribution in Mongolian to find out that, compared to Japanese, English, French, Mongolian only tolerates inherent resultatives.

Jasmina BAJRAMI's article "Speech level shift in Japanese and Slovene" is a part of her PhD thesis, which she has just submitted to University of Ljubljana. In it she discusses formality and politeness in general, as well as the extent and the ways they are executed in a Japanese and Slovene conversation.        

"Interpretation of Daba Script: Gemu from Wujiao Villag" written by XU Duoduo is a result of a fieldwork research on the Daba script found in the Daba Calendar entitled Gemu, which origins in Wūjiǎo village, the province of Sichuan.

Nina GOLOB conducted a bidirectional perception experiment entitled "L1 Prosodic Interference: the Case of Slovene Students of Japanese", in which she evaluates L1 prosodic interference in recognizing (lexical) accent place in declaratives and interrogatives.

An interesting project report on the successful implementation of the e-learning system for Japanese, Korean, Hindi and Sanskirt comes from Croatia. Written by Sara LIBRENJAK, Kristina KOCIJAN, and Marijana JANJIĆ it is entitled "Improving Students' Language Performance Through Consistent Use of E-Learning: An Empirical Study in Japanese, Korean, Hindi and Sanskrit".          

Last but not least is a technical note by Qasier ABBAS "Semi-Semantic Annotation: A Guideline for the URDU.KON-TB Treebank POS Annotation", in which the author proposes annotation guidelines of semi-semantic parts of speech for the URDU.KON-TB treebank.



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