Investigation of Early Vocabulary Development of a Persian Speaking Child at Age 2 Years Old in Iran


  • Hajar SHAHHOSEINI Islamic Azad University



early vocabulary, word combinations, acquisition, learning


This study investigates the development of early Persian vocabulary in the process of first language acquisition in case of an Iranian child at age 2. The child was named Melica in this paper and her speech was observed for the period of 6 months. The outcomes show that Melica could produce about 150 words and understand many more when she was 2 years old. Also she understood such meanings as “on”, “under”, and “in”. At that age, she mostly produced nouns, which represented more than half of her vocabulary. Observed for a period of six months, Melica showed a gradual development in word as well as in sentence production, though some discrepancies in the use of certain words, such as developmental errors and overextensions, were also reported.


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29. 12. 2017



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