CALL FOR PAPERS: "Literary Translation Studies: State of Research and Perspectives"


The editors of the interdisciplinary scientific journal Ars & Humanitas would like to invite you to participate in the thematic section of the issue, which will be published in June 2023. The working title of the thematic section is "Literary Translation Studies: State of Research and Perspectives" (edited by Marija Zlatnar Moe and Florence Gacoin-Marks from the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana).

The areas that are suitable for a thematic issue on translation studies are very numerous. These include, for example:

  1. History of literary translation (translation from and into foreign languages);
  2. Theories of literary translation and the history of literary translation studies;
  3. The position of translation studies between contrastive linguistics and comparative literature, or literary studies, translation studies as an interdisciplinary science;
  4. Literary translation studies on the translation of specific literatures (from/into classical and other ancient languages, from/into Esperanto or/and smaller languages, etc.);
  5. Literary translation studies and didactics of translation or translation studies as an applied science.

The list is of course not exhaustive or finished. Any relevant additional topics will be welcome. We invite you to send an abstract of 300 words by 2 November 2022 to The paper should be written in Slovene, French, German, Italian, Spanish or English. All papers will be submitted to double-blind peer review.

The contributors will be kindly asked to also review papers by other contributors.


Important dates:

2 November 2022: deadline for abstracts

20 November 2022: notification of acceptance of the abstract

15 February 2023: deadline for the full paper

30 April 2023: notification of acceptance of the paper