From Dalmatia to the North Sea, and from Stonehenge to Artificial Intelligence

Interview with Vincent Gaffney


  • Predrag Novaković Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta, Oddelek za arheologijo izpraševalec
  • Vincent Gaffney


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Vincent Gaffney, arheologija


Vincent Gaffney (born in 1958) is a British archaeologist. In his 40-year career he has worked as a contract field archaeologist, museum curator, researcher and university professor at both Birmingham and Bradford. His expertise includes landscape archaeology, marine landscapes, remote sensing, GIS, computer visualization and communication. He has been awarded several prizes for his outstanding research achievements, among them the British Archaeological Award for the Best Book (2010) and European Archaeological Heritage Prize of the European Association of Archaeologists (2013), as well as an MBE in 2018, making him a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. His close collaboration with Slovene and Croatian archaeology dates from the mid-1980s and is still continuing.



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21. 12. 2023

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Gaffney, V. (2023). From Dalmatia to the North Sea, and from Stonehenge to Artificial Intelligence: Interview with Vincent Gaffney. Ars & Humanitas, 17(2), 167-179.